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A list of some of my favorite fics from various
anime/manga series & video games. ♥

- Organized by series/movie, then by alphabetical order
- Contains slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, het, and gen
- Contains various pairings, harems exempted
- Contains AU, AR, crossovers, and canon-compliant fics
- n/a = loved; = favorites; = ultra favorites

** Last updated: April.05.2015
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- Organized in alphabetical order
- Contains M/F, F/F, M/M, poly/multi, and gen (no pairing)
- Contains AU, AR, and Canon-verse fic
- Fics that haven't been updated in more than 1 year are marked as discontinued.
>> Updated: Feb 01, 2017

>> = Newly Added

n/a = liked it a lot | * = loved it | ** = borderline obsessed with it

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[Ficmix] The Paradox Series (Sherlock/John)

Title: The Paradox Series Soundtrack
Mixer: amethyst_rei
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Warnings: Vague spoilers for the fic.
Mix Info: 7 songs | 35MB | Password: mycroft
Inspired by: The Paradox Series by Wordstrings (fanfic) (podfic)

Note 1: Okay, this is a soundtrack of sorts to wordstrings' fantastic The Paradox Series. I’m pretty sure this contains all the songs referenced in the fic and used in the podfics, though let me know if I’m missing any. Feel free to download even if you haven’t read said series—the song choices are excellent. If you haven’t read it then I highly, highly recommend you do. The fic is amazing, I swear it is. I listened to the podfics first and they were absolutely stunning, and the moment I finished them I started reading the text version. It's that good. This "ficmix" has been on constant replay for a week now because I cannot get the story, characters or music out of my head. Listening/reading The Paradox Series was the most amazing experience and I wish I could delete it from my brain so I could take it in all over again.

I’ve searched everywhere for a ficmix/collection like this but haven’t come across any so I thought it safe to upload and share it. Hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes. I seriously apologize for the crappy art, btw. I'll post prettier covers once my laptop is back from the shop. In the meanwhile, happy listening!

Note 2: You can listen to "The Young British Soldier" by Rudyard Kipling here and here.

Note 3: An actual listing of the Fine and Not-Fine List can be found here and here. Between the two of them I think they're all covered, but I can't be 100% sure. Let me know if a complete listing can be found elsewhere.

Note 4: Crossposted to sherlockbbc here and 221b_fanmix here.

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Title: I'm One of the Smart Ones
Mixer: amethyst_rei
Recipient: kit_ana
Character: Lydia Martin
Rating: PG
Length: 15 songs (90mb)
Genre(s)/Trope(s): General
Warnings: N/A
Prompt: Lydia is a smart, smart cookie, okay?
Summary: Lydia Martin is in control over every aspect of her life.
Notes: I do hope you enjoy this fanmix, kit_ana. Thanks for the fun prompt.  Also, much thanks to the mods at the Teen Wolf Holiday Exchange for letting me participate. Happy Holidays, everyone!


I'm One of the Smart Ones, a Lydia Martin fanmixCollapse )

Teen Wolf Fanmix >> Tiger (Erica Reyes)

Title: Tiger
Mixer/Artist: amethyst_rei
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character: Erica Reyes
Summary: Her transition.
Warnings: Spoilers for s2, general crudeness, and BAMF!Erica, who should always come with a warning label.
Mix Info: 15 songs || 93 MB || .ZIP

Notes: So "Tiger" by Paula Cole is pretty damn perfect for her, right? Yeah, I think so too. Unfortunately, the rest of this mix was a major biatch. Jeez, I had such a hard time with this it's not even funny. On the plus side, creating the art was enjoyable (I hope you guys like it as much as I do!). Aaand despite how time consuming this project was, it was still pretty fun. It's about Erica, after all, so that's pretty much a given.

Now I kind of want to do an Issac Lahey mix. Mmm. Oh, yes. Definitely.

Um. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. Comments and con-crit are welcome.


I'm so tired of being shy, I'm not that girl anymore.Collapse )


  • Fics marked with a plus (+) are stories that belong to a series but can be read as a stand-alone.

  • Fics marked with an asterisk (*) are Doctor+Rose reunion fics/fix-its, not including Ten II or alt!Doctor from Pete's world.

  • Fics marked with a number symbol (#) feature the Doctor having alien genitals. (<3)

  • Fics marked with an upward arrow (^) feature the Doctor having a child.

  • Updated: 18 April 2013.

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Title: Argentum
Mixer: amethyst_rei
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairing: Allison-centric, Allison/Scott
Spoilers: General for Seasons 1-2
Warnings: Violence.
Mix Info: 15 songs | 90 MB | ZIP

Notes: I have no idea where this came from. While I certainly don't hate Allison or anything, she's really not one of my favorite characters (she has her awesome moments, though!). And while I do think her and Scott are kind of adorable together, I lost a lot of my love for the pairing after the events of the second half of s2 (*sighs*).  Needless to say, wanting to do an Allison-centric mix that emphasizes on her inner turmoil, horrible decision making, and complete character turnover in s2 was sooooo out of left field that IDEK. I guess my love for dysfunctional relationships, vindictive characters with self-destructive behavior, and general mental chaos overrules everything. OTL

NGL, though, I got so unbelievably into this surprisingly fun mix (even though it took forever and the cover/back art kicked my arse, omg. I have so many versions of the art on my comp it's not even funny, gah). JSYK, this entire mix was inspired by Valentina's awesome song, "Wolves". I have had that song on constant repeat for the past forever. Oh, and apologies for putting three Within Temptation songs in here. I generally have  a 2-songs-per-artist-per-mix rule, but damn was their last album remarkably fitting. Um. *Wracks brain for anything else* Enjoy?

Comments and con-crit are welcome! :)

I don't expect you to understand this war.Collapse )
Title: Serenade Outside Your Window
Author/Mixer: amethyst_rei
Fandom: Teen Wolf (2011)
Subject/Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Lydia Martin
Characters: Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Isaac
Summary: In which Stiles decides it's time. Or, Stiles' love letter to Lydia, mix-tape style.
Fic Info: ~1,680 words | PG-13 | Post-s2.
Mix Info: 12 songs | 65 mb | .ZIP (includes songs, art, and pdf)

A/N: So this totally sprouted legs and ran away from me. Whoops. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this, but man was it fun.

I don't write much of anything these days, so hopefully the fic portion isn't too bad. Con-crit is totes welcome, of course. If anyone has any questions/concerns/suggestions/etc, feel free to let me know. Anyway, enjoy!

Well, I'm no Superman but I'll love you the best I can. Collapse )
Title: Holding Up The Sun
Fandom: Teen Wolf (2011)
Spoilers: Er. Both seasons, I suppose.
Characters: Lydia-centric, background Lydia/Jackson & Lydia+Peter
Mix Info: 12 songs (w/ lyrics) | 73 mb | Zip.

Notes: I started watching Teen Wolf half expecting it to be as, well, uninteresting as I personally found Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle to be, (which everyone I knew kept comparing it to...and, um, no offense, of course), so imagine my surprise when I ended up genuinely liking it? I devoured the first season and half the second season (thank you, Netflix!) and am utterly, utterly hooked. The show has its faults, of course, but I'm utterly charmed anyway. It would have been totally badass if Stiles had been turned into a werewolf, though, 'cause Scott, as much as I adore the idiot, is a little too "Clark Kent" if you ask me. (Sorry, Scott.)

But anyways! So I really like Lydia Martin. Moreover, I like the potential her character has. She's awesome, and I seriously hope the writers continue to explore the possibilities of her character. And this is OT, but Lydia/Jackson is seriously my guilty pleasure pairing (actually, Jackson is my guilty pleasure, period. He's a serious douche, but OMG is he hot). But I'm digressing again!

I put a lot of thought into this mix, and hopefully it shows. Enjoy <3

Lydsbc   BACK3
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Series: The Love of Devils
Title: (Little Red) Marionette - Part I
Fandom: Death Note (AU)
Inspired By: CocoaCoveredGod's Redeemer Series, Books I & II
Characters/Pairings: Misa-centric, Misa/Light
Summary: The downfall of a queen, part 1.
Warnings: Mentions of sex, violence, metaphorical suicide, mental instability, emotional/mental abuse and manipulation, D/s depression, murder… the whole shindig.
Mix info: 13 songs (62mb) @ ZIP.

Notes: This is the mix I never knew I wanted to create until I actually got started on it. I can't even describe how fun it was making this.  I've always liked Misa-Misa, surprisingly, and that didn't change in the Redeemer Series. If anyone's interested in gleaning some more insight into Misa's psyche after the canonical end of Death Note, I highly recommend checking out the fic.

The Mixes: This mix follows Misa throughout canon and primarily the first and second books of the Redeemer Series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The second mix will focus on the person Misa became towards the very end of the canon series and throughout books III and IV of Redeemer.


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