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Series: The Love of Devils
Title: (Little Red) Marionette - Part I
Fandom: Death Note (AU)
Inspired By: CocoaCoveredGod's Redeemer Series, Books I & II
Characters/Pairings: Misa-centric, Misa/Light
Summary: The downfall of a queen, part 1.
Warnings: Mentions of sex, violence, metaphorical suicide, mental instability, emotional/mental abuse and manipulation, D/s depression, murder… the whole shindig.
Mix info: 13 songs (62mb) @ ZIP.

Notes: This is the mix I never knew I wanted to create until I actually got started on it. I can't even describe how fun it was making this.  I've always liked Misa-Misa, surprisingly, and that didn't change in the Redeemer Series. If anyone's interested in gleaning some more insight into Misa's psyche after the canonical end of Death Note, I highly recommend checking out the fic.

The Mixes: This mix follows Misa throughout canon and primarily the first and second books of the Redeemer Series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The second mix will focus on the person Misa became towards the very end of the canon series and throughout books III and IV of Redeemer.


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Series: The Love of Devils
Title: Bloody Fags (Wipe 'Em Clean)
Fandom: Death Note (AU)
Inspired By: CocoaCoveredGod' Redeemer Series, Books I - IV
Characters/Pairings: Matt/Mello
Summary: “Love is the most selfish of all the passions.” ― Alexandre Dumas, "The Three Musketeers"
Warnings: Um. Atypical (hostile) relationship drama and references to religion and death?
Mix info: 13 songs (73mb) @ ZIP.

Notes: I loved creating this mix so much which is ironic considering I don't like Matt/Mello at all. Well, at least not in the Redeemer Series. Oh, they're certainly an interesting pairing, don't get me wrong, but Matt and Mello's relationship constantly gets in the way of Light and Mello's relationship in the fic, which I ship like crazy.

Still, I can definitely see the appeal to M/M, even if I don't support them myself. But I'm digressing! This mix focuses on Mello and Matt's tremulous relationship throughout the entirety of the Redeemer series, primarily focusing on the strain Mello's infatuation of Light causes their relationship as well as Matt's, ah, deadline.

Also! Fags = cigarettes, not, y'know, gay people. Obviously.

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Series: The Love of Devils
Title: Kill Me With Your Candied Lips
Fandom: Death Note (AU)
Inspired By: CocoaCoveredGod's "Redeemer Series", Book II.
Pairing: Lawliet/Beyond
Summary: The love song of B & L, part 1.
Warnings: Depraved love is depraved.
Mix info: 12 songs (92mb) @ ZIP.

Notes: This is one mix of three that will revolve around B and L's relationship. This mix covers B and L's feelings for each other pre-Redeemer and all throughout the second book, "To B or Not to Be". Needless to say, it's dark as hell. As a B/L mix should be. J

Enjoy, lovelies~


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Series: The Love of Devils 
Title: Beyond Black Hearts
Fandom: Death Note (AU)
Inspired By: CocoaCoveredGod's "Redeemer Series"
Characters: Beyond Birthday, Heart (OFC)
Summary: This mix revolves around the convoluted relationship between Beyond and his daughter, Heart, as shown in book IV, "Sins of the Father". A friend of mine, however, likes to refer to this as B's love letter to Heart. <3
Warnings: Creepy love mix is creepy.
Mix Info: 12 songs (86.1 MB @ ZIP).

A/N: Frankly, I think Heart is an interesting character (B is just fuckawesome), and I'm rather intrigued by her and B's relationship. On that note, let me just say that no, B doesn't harbor any romantic feelings for his five year old daughter, though after listening to this mix that might be the impression you get. Oh, he's undoubtedly smitten and protective of her, but it's B. Would you expect anything less?

Next on the agenda is another Redeemer mix, though that one will focus primarily on BB/L. Happy listening~


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Title: The Man With No Face
Mixer: Amethyst Reina
Series: Spirited Away
Characters: Kaonashi (No-Face), Kaonashi/Sen (one-sided, non-romantic).
Themes: Loneliness, obsession, unhealthy infatuation, emotional instability, human corruption, insinuations of a defunct, oppressive society, etc.
Music Genres: Classical, soundscapes, ambience, various rock genres (alternative, indie, metalcore, experimental, post-hardcore, downtempo, etc), pop (indie, alternative, dream), etc.
Mix Info: 25 songs  (18 w/ vocals (146mb), 7  instrumentals (46mb)) broken into two .Zip files. 
About: This mix focuses on “Kaonashi”, also known as “No-face” to those who've seen the English Dub, from Hayao Miyazaki’s animated movie Spirited Away.

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Title: River Flows In You
Mixer: Amethyst Reina
Movie: Spirited Away
Characters: Chihiro, Kohaku
Themes: Friendship, Pre-Romance, Adventure, Flangst
Rating: PG, just in case?
Warnings: None, I think.
Music Genres: Woo, boy. Um… some folk music, celtic, alternative, instrumental, soundscapes, new age, ambience, indie rock/pop, dream rock/pop, etc…
Mix Info: Main compilation contains 32 songs, split into two .zip folders (Chihiro: 99.83mb | Kohaku: 126.81mb). There’s also a bonus track that consists of 4 songs (26.39mb).
About: Chihiro and Kohaku’s adventures, friendship, and subtext-y pre-romantic relationship. Rawr.
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