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A list of some of my favorite fics from various
anime/manga series & video games. ♥

- Organized by series/movie, then by alphabetical order
- Contains slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, het, and gen
- Contains various pairings, harems exempted
- Contains AU, AR, crossovers, and canon-compliant fics
- n/a = loved; = favorites; = ultra favorites

** Last updated: April.05.2015


Fuck My Life by mongoose_bite
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~169K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Eren/Levi, Eren/Erwin, Levi/Eren/Erwin
Summary: A streak of bad luck leaves Eren desperate for cash, and desperate enough that making porn doesn't seem like such a terrible idea. He's young, he's cute, he's horny, and his favourite studio is currently hiring. It seems like fate up until he learns that his two most admired actors, whom he spent the majority of his teenage years appreciating, have recently retired. Still, he is nothing if not determined, and he sets out to see if he can persuade them to make one last movie. And then he gets to know them as people, and things start getting complicated.
Note: Last updated: March.17.2015

Lend Me Your Ear by Foreverautumn
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~20.4K | Complete
Pairings: Levi/Eren
Summary: Eren's not a vindictive person. Really, he's not. In fact, he considers himself a big supporter of doing the right thing, fighting the good fight (literally, if need be); basically, he's a big proponent of justice. Sitting here with Jean's credit card clutched in his hand, Eren's sure this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous road full of justice.

Meeting People Is Easy by Foreverautumn
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~4K | Complete
Pairings: Levi/Eren
Summary: He’s been sitting in his car for the past fifteen minutes, trying to muster up the courage to walk inside the restaurant. / "He’ll be sitting by the window. Try to have a good time, won’t you, Eren?" / Eren groans, slumping forward until his head rests against the wheel.

Sugar On Top by Luna_Trancy
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~115K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Levi/Eren, minor Eren/Jean
Summary: Modern Sugar Daddy AU. Eren is a typical struggling college student. His father thinks he's a disappointment. He's having an affair with his friend (who's already in a relationship). He feels like everything is useless. One night he runs into a handsome stranger. But when this stranger starts to casually throw money at him, Eren comes to an agreement: having a pampering sugar daddy isn't the most awful situation he could be in. His only problem is his own emotions: holding on to his past pains and trying to accept a possible future at Levi's side.

Tentative Bliss by Remmy-AoT
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~382.5K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Eren/Levi, Eren/Armin, Levi/Armin, Levi/Eren/Armin, others
Summary: In the D/s community, a contract is the agreement between the Dom and sub: It outlines the structure, expectation, rules, and limitations of the temporary relationship. After Eren nervously signs one with his new Dom, Levi, they both have a month to decide if they're right for each other and to see if Eren can fit in the household without clashing with the others. Although, Eren is a little surprised by Armin's kindness and Levi's actual objective...
Note: There are more stories in the "Tentative Bliss" series.

You Have Connected by Yuu-Chi
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~58K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Levi/Eren
Summary: The one where Levi’s a business man, Eren’s a college student and they meet on Omegle. Twice. It kind of seems like fate after that.
Note: Last updated: Oct.13.2014


I'll Tabletop You Any Day by Yuu-chi
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~12K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Sokka/Zuko, Aang/Katara
Summary: Sokka's the college drop-out and closet nerd working at his sister's coffee shop - Zuko is the gorgeous rich guy who comes in three times a week and orders cinnamon tea. Sokka may or may not have his entire schedule memorized.


Going Casual by Miko
Rating/Length/Status: G | ~3K | Complete
Characters: Ichigo, Ishida, OCs
Summary: Ishida just can't take it any more... something needs to be done about Ichigo.

Gravitation by Dracoqueen22
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~14K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Grimmjow; Urahara, Renji
Summary: Ichigo doesn't know what draws him to Grimmjow, this invisible connection, but it is inescapable, like gravity.

I could be a damsel, and I'm often in distress, but I can handle it, so have a nice day, and move the fuck on by Cywscross
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~10.7K | WIP
Characters: Ichigo, Isshin, Urahara, Gotei 13
Summary: Ichigo is a girl. This changes some things. At the same time, it changes nothing at all.
Note: Last updated March.17.2015

Minutes to Midnight by Dracoqueen22
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~137K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Gin, Aizen/Urahara; Stark, Kira, Gotei 13, Espadas, etc
Summary: A series of ficlets. Ichigo adjusts to life in Hueco Mundo and slowly finds the path he wants to take. AU after Chapter 295.
Note: Sequel to The Darkes Reflection (1.4k) and Falling Inside the Black (3k).

Misguided Manipulation by Dracoqueen22
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~27K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Stark
Summary: Sent to the Living World on Aizen's orders to persuade Ichigo to join their cause, Stark finds himself questioning, led astray by Ichigo's strength.

Of Violence by Dracoqueen22
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~181K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Byakuya (endgame), Ichigo/Rukia
Summary: AU. Ichigo and Rukia are married and live in Soul Society, but something seethes beneath the surface... a secret that may prove to change everything and Byakuya can't help but feel caught in between.

On Life, On Death, On Everything In-Between by Cywscross
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~53K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Past-Ichigo/Rukia; Ichigo, Rukia, Urahara, Isshin
Summary: The war rages on for ten years, and by the time it ends, most are dead and Soul Society has been destroyed. But Kisuke still has one more card to play, and he gambles it all on the one person he believes in to achieve the impossible. Ichigo accepts without hesitation. There's nothing he wouldn't do to protect his friends and family, and he doesn't have anything left to lose anyway. Time-travel.
Note: Last updated May.28.2013

Once More by Gone Wonderlust
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~162K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: TBD; Ichigo, Kaien, others
Summary: Kurosaki. A name that he held in reverence, and a name he'd tried to live up to. It had been his own, but...no more. He couldn't be a Kurosaki any longer. He'd long since lost the right. He could place the blame elsewhere, Aizen was the start, but he wouldn't. It had been he that had failed in the end. He was the reason they died...but...he would make it right. No matter the cost.
Note: Updated March.27.2015

One Fell Swoop by Cywscross
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~9.6K | WIP
Characters: Ichigo, Urahara, Gin, Yoruichi
Summary: Entaka is not Ichigo - he no longer has the freedom to charge recklessly into battle with expectations of his friends being there to watch his back, and the Shinigami to back him up no matter how much they disapprove. But at the same time, Entaka is Ichigo, and Ichigo never gives up until he succeeds, even if that means finding another way to do it.
Note: Last updated Feb.17.2015

Past Imperfect by Dracoqueen22
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~15K | Complete
Characters: Ichigo, Urahara, Rukia, Kyouraku, others
Summary: The war has been won, but at a price that seems too costly to pay. Everything has been traced back to a single, defining moment. And Ichigo makes a choice.

Sight by Cywscross (ao3)
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~69K | WIP
Characters: Ichigo, Urahara, Shinji, Zangetsu, "Hichigo"
Summary: Ichigo can see ghosts. He can see Shinigami and Hollows, and that's fine with him, if not always safe. But he kind of wishes that he doesn't also see Zanpakutou spirits. All Zanpakutou spirits. Because apparently, no one else can.
Note: Last updated Aug.20.2014

Swinging Pendulum by Cywscross
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~84K | WIP
Characters: Ichigo, Rangiku, Kaien, OC
Summary: "Too dangerous to live," Central 46 declares. Locked up in Muken with half-healed wounds and helpless rage, Ichigo gets another chance to save his fellow Visored when the Spirit King whisks him away and offers him a deal. He accepts and promptly gets his ass dumped in the past. Like, WAY back in the past. Ichigo really should be used to impossible things happening to him by now.
Note: Last Updated Jan.24.2014

Sword That Pierces the Heavens by Prince Mikhail
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~87K | WIP
Characters: Ichigo, Zangetsu
Summary: "Abandon your fear Ichigo, face forward. Move forward and never stop. Retreat and you will age, hesitate...and you will die. Together, we will ascend and tear the very heavens asunder." With a better connection to his zanpakuto than we have seen before, Ichigo will finally fully realize his vast potential.
Note: Last updated Oct.1.2014

A Beautiful Lie by Dracoqueen22 (ao3)
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~268K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Urahara, Ichigo/Aizen; Shinji
Summary: AU. Years after the painful end, the echoes of war still prove their influence. Ichigo comes home to find a dead man in his kitchen, sparking a turn of events no one could have anticipated, least of all himself.

Velveteen Rabbits and Studded Belts by Zephyras
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~58K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Rukia
Summary: As a twenty-year old single mother, Kuchiki Rukia knew she would not be welcome in the relatively small town of Karakura. And that was how--and where--the whole mess began. Modern AU.
Note: Last updated Oct.27.2012

Whatever It Takes by Dracoqueen22
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ichigo/Uryuu/Renji
Summary: Ichigo’s tired of fighting, but Renji and Uryuu aren’t willing to let him go.


Knew You When by Cest_what
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~3.9K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Chihaya/Shinobu
Summary: In the last year of elementary school, one of the most promising young karuta prodigies in Japan transferred to a new school in Tokyo. From Kyoto. AU.


Redeemer Series by CocoaCoveredGods
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ca. 700k+ | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: (Main) Light/L, Light/Mello, Mello/Matt, various side/background pairings
Summary: The story takes place after Death Note ends, although the main characters have not died. Here the Yellowbox Warehouse is essentially the pinnacle of L's 6-year long offensive against Kira, who believes L to be dead, when he really isn't.
Note I: Last updated Jan.8.2013
Note II: Authors have removed parts 2-5 of the series. PM me if you 'em.


Tackles by Veterization
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~2K | Complete
Pairings: Sena/Shin
Summary: As far as Sena was concerned, there was tackling, and there was downright lingering.


Almost Karma by BluWhispers
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~108K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Pre-Cloud/Sephiroth, minor/bg Cloud/Reno; Zack, OCs
Summary: They say that what goes around comes around - and this time Cloud is given a chance to get what he wants. Back at the beginning.
Note: Last updated: Aug.7.2011

Angels Beneath Midgar by Esama
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~41K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Pre-Cloud/Angeal; Aeris, Sephiroth
Summary: Anything that's not human is a monster but not everything that's a monster is monstrous, so what exactly is a monster? And why must something with wings be a monster when it might just as well be an angel?

Beloved by Sinnatious
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~93K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Genesis; Tifa, Vincent, Red XIII, Reno, Sephiroth
Summary: It all starts when Cloud tries to leave during the middle of a Loveless performance.

Company by Esama
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~41K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Pre-Cloud/Vincent; Tseng, Sephiroth
Summary: Cloud stopped planning a life in ShinRa and ShinRa definitely made no plans for him.

Eir's Tomorrow by Jukebox Hound
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~170K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Sephiroth, Zack/Aeris, Angeal/Genesis; Vincent, Hojo, Tifa
Summary: The Planet isn't willing to let death take away its greatest weapon. If Cloud can't save the past, then he'll be damned to watch history repeat itself. Time travel.

Green Dreams by I-Mushi
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~256K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Pre-Sephiroth/Cloud; Reno, Zack, OCs
Summary: Cloud has suffered and asked for forgiveness, but Aeris knows she alone cannot give him it. He must find that forgiveness and peace where it began, back at SOLDIER.
Note: Last Updated Jan.14.2015

Life is Good by Tobirion
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~4.7K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Sephiroth/Zack/Genesis/Angeal
Summary: Tifa has exciting news for Cloud, and he can't wait to hear it. He'd be enjoying himself a lot more, though, if those guys sitting at that table over there would stop staring at him...

Making the Cut by Regenesisx
Rating/Length/Status: PG | ~64K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud, Genesis, Sephiroth, Zack, Angeal, OCs
Summary: In a wager against Sephiroth, Genesis stubbornly tries to prove that there's talent somewhere inside that clumsy cadet.
Note: Its sequel, Legacy is an ongoing WIP at 54k.

Professor Strife by Bastilton
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~73K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, Denzel
Summary: Denzel stumbles into the past, Cloud follows to protect his son. The Crisis is beginning again, but as head of the science department Cloud can change it. Before, the world was saved by the lives of millions. This time, can he save those lives as well?
Note: Last updated Jan.21.2013

Rewind by x-Trisana-Skystorm-x
Rating/Length/Status: R| ~139K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Sephiroth; Vincent, Zack
Summary: Cloud Strife seemed to any other to be your average run of the mill, Saviour of the planet. When he ends it all the Lifestream gives him one more chance. To take it back, return to the beginning. To rewind. Time travel fic.
Note: Last updated Sept.2.2012

Shadow Play by Underhandlilies
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~11.8K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Genesis
Summary: After finding a shadow—minus its owner—Cloud invites it to stay with him. The only problem: he can't really tell who it belongs to; the person who, secretly, is wondering, in turn, where his shadow is.

Served by Underhandlilies
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~8K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Kadaj
Summary: Kadaj takes a job as a waiter for the summer, both to get a little freedom and overcome his clumsiness. This doesn't seem to work, as he spills a dish on his sole customer. Again...and again...and again. AU.

Shaken, Not Stirred by Reinamy's Cloud
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~3.8K | Complete
Pairings: Cloud/Genesis
Summary: Cloud hid a grimace behind his cup. He hadn't realized he was being so obvious. Then again, this was Tifa, who'd known him since he was three. As the recipient of his first awkward crush she likely knew the signs of an infatuated Cloud better than anyone. Modern AU.

The Little Guy by Toki Mirage (ao3)
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~106K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Sephiroth; Reno, Zack
Summary: The last thing Cloud wants, when given the chance, is to do it all over again. Instead, he chooses the normal life. After all, a Janitor could never save the world. But... well, it all starts with the General's coffee machine. Time travel. D/s themes.
Note: Updated Sept.1.2014

The Fifth Act by Sinnatious
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~169K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud, Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Zack, Vincent, Aeris, OC
Summary: Cloud has an accident with a Time materia. There are people to save, and for that, some people need to die.
Note: Sequel/extra: TFA: Yuffie Redux (1K)

Turk Cloud by AikoNamiko
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~12.7K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Sephiroth/Cloud, minor Cloud/Reno; Zack
Summary: In a world where Cloud was given a chance to return to the past and make things right again, something goes a little bit wrong and leaves him in an employment he didn't quite anticipate.

Two Steps Back by Sigart
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~93K | WIP
Characters: Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth
Summary: Cloud is brought back in time against his will to save Aeris, the last of the Ancients, and thus the last caretaker of the planet. However how will he save the planet, when he doesn't remember anything?
Note: Last updated Jan.24.2011

Worth It by Rethira
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~4.3K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Cloud/Sephiroth
Summary: Cloud's kind of a dork and so is Sephiroth and they keep on having late night showers together, and it should be weird and awkward (like puberty) but it isn't. There's also a pillow fight.


Kaleidoscope by Shivani
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~52K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Seymour/Tidus; Yuna, Auron
Summary: A redux version of Final Fantasy X, but with added slash. Tidus is certainly more than a dream, and comes to find out there's a certain price to be paid for that. Enter Seymour, Guado Maester of Yevon.

Sundial by Silver pup
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~134K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Tidus/Auron; Belgemine, Rikku, Yuna, the Fayth, Seymour
Summary: AU - The fayth have a funny way of doing things. Instead of waiting for a summoner to free them, they send in their own to do the job. Enter Tidus, the unwilling participant, as he takes on the task of saving Spira from itself. Oh dear.


Full Course by Merrow
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~161K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Tohru/Hatori, Shigure, Kyo, Yuki
Summary: Hatori comes over for dinner, rating may change.
Note: Last updated Dec.14.2011


Evermore by Amanuensis
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~3K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Albert/The Count (Edmond Dantès)
Summary: How had it been, that the Count's hand had seemed ice in his own, that first evening on Luna? Everywhere they touch is fire.


Am I Gay? Please Help by Buu
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13| ~30K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Kageyama/Hinata; Daichi, Sugawara
Summary: The thing is, with Hinata, Kageyama doesn't really need a girlfriend. They see movies together, they go out to eat together; they rock-paper-scissors for the bill, although Hinata's pretty transparent (he almost always chooses rock), so sometimes Kageyama will let him win on purpose. Who needs girls when you have someone like that?
Notes: Last updated Jan.31.2015

Being Seventeen Sucks by Crapso
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~119K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Hinata/Kageyama; Karasuno, OCs
Summary: The third year adventures of sexually frusturated captain and vice captain of the Karasuno volleyball team, and realizing your feelings for your long-time best friend/rival.

I Can Do Better by Buu
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~45K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Hinata/Kageyama
Summary: An accident leads to yet another weird competition (that's all it is, Hinata tells himself). What's a little competition between friends?

I Like The Way Your Clothes Smell by Mysecretfanmoments
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~78K | Complete
Pairings: Hinata/Kageyama
Summary: Power outages, ghost stories, and the presence of a certain orange-haired boy lead to bad decision-making on Tobio's part. He'd planned to keep his crush a secret; the universe has other plans.

I Think You're Special by Artenon
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~4K | Complete
Pairings Hinata/Tsukishima
Summary: Hinata is exceptional, and when he praises Tsukishima, it sort of makes him feel like he could be exceptional, too.

Painting With Words by Iwillstillopenthewindow
Rating/Length/Status: G | ~10.7K | Complete
Pairings Hinata/Kageyama
Summary: Where Hinata has trouble writing and Kageyama has difficulty seeing the world in color again.

Shadows Don't Matter Close to the Light by Boxofwonder
Rating/Length/Status: G | ~9.4K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Hinata/Kageyama; Karasuno
Summary: In which Karasuno watches a scary movie and Kageyama sees lurking monsters in every shadow, Hinata has the logic of horror movies down (you're doomed if you split up), and they have a trainwreck of a sleep-over.

Sweet, Sweet Money by Remembrance
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~39K | Complete
Pairings: Hinata/Sugawara, Iwaizumi/Oikawa
Summary: A.K.A. The Suga' Daddy AU.  Sugawara will never admit he’s jealous, will never admit that he’s curious… Being Iwaizumi’s best friend meant seeing the perks of that kind of relationship. Oikawa is younger, fun, vibrant… Sure, Suga might admit that he thinks about it every now and then, after all it would be nice having his own younger boyfriend who will work around his hectic schedule, but there’s no way he will say he wants it. Sadly, or maybe luckily, he doesn’t have to say anything. Iwaizumi and Oikawa already have some plans for him.

The Crown and the Crow by Yuu_chi
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~8.9K | Complete
Pairings: Hinata/Kageyama
Summary: Somewhere out there is your forever one wearing your Mark on their skin; it's just a matter of finding them.

Untitled by Buu
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~6K | Complete
Pairings: Hinata/Kageyama, Hinata/OMC
Summary: Although it's true, it would be sort of nice to date someone, get out of the dorm and away from Kageyama taking up all his space and existing all over his things. He bites his lip, and then Suga's words float through his head and he does it. Hinata Shouyou signs up for a gay dating site.


Caught In A Thousand Strings by Thai Tea Addict
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~170K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Sai/Ogata, Hikaru, Akira, OCs
Summary: Sai wakes up to find everything he'd gone through to be a dream; he is a professional Go player that has already conquered the top players. Longing for what he had in his dreams, Sai seeks out his student - only Shindou Hikaru isn't exactly what Sai had expected him to be. Hikaru hadn't been expecting a naïve Go pro to be crashing into his life either. AU-ish.
Note: Updated April.4.2015

Desynchronization by Ontogenesis
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~116K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Ogata/Sai, Hikaru
Summary: A chance rescue one evening turns into quite a surprise for Ogata Juudan. Whom exactly did he pull out of the Ichigaya Canal?

Preliminaries by Stirring-Still
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~23K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Hikaru/Akira
Summary: "I told you once that I know you better than anyone else," he said, "and I do. And you know me better than anyone else." He paused, taking a sip of his tea and meeting Hikaru's eyes again. "But you didn't know that part of me. Now you do. It feels nice."


All or Nothing
by Forthright
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~12.4K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru; Inuyasha, Hojo, Kaede
Summary: AU. In spite of all their differences, Sesshoumaru and Kagome discover common ground... on the ice. A whirlwind romance of the Olympic variety.

Coldblooded by Goddamnhella
Rating/Length/Status: PG | ~11.8K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru
Summary: When Sesshoumaru unknowingly angers an enchantress, he finds himself in the grip of a cruel curse. Alone, discarded, frozen and forgotten, he prepares to accept his fate - until the hanyou brother he'd never acknowledged becomes his one chance at freedom.

Counting the Hours by Forthright
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~29K | Discontinued*
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru; Inuyasha
Summary: AU. When Inuyasha calls in a favor, Kagome sacrifices her holiday in order to help him fulfill an annual familial obligation. Missed flights, misunderstandings, and mistletoe conspire to bring two strangers together.
Note I: Last updated Dec.31.2010
Note II: *While incomplete, the story leaves off at a decent place.

Drowning Sorrows by Tally Mark
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~8.9K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru
Summary: A miko and a youkai walk into a bar. AU.

Faint Heart by Forthright
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~33K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Kohaku/Kagome, Sango/Miroku; Sesshomaru, Kouga, Inuyasha
Summary: AU. Sometimes puppy love grows up, maturing into something steady and true. Kohaku has quietly admired his big sister's best friend since they were kids, but he's having trouble finding the courage to tell her so.
Note: Last updated Dec.12.2011

Fugue by Resmiranda
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~85K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru; OCs
Summary: The present revolves around the past; truth and remembrance are two different things. After the well closes forever, Kagome finds a familiar face in the present era.

Ghosts by RosieB
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~29K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru
Summary: After Naraku's death, Kagome returned to her time forever, where she mourns her losses. An older Sesshoumaru offers a deal - a comfortable and secure marriage in return for a child. They'll never love anyone - including each other - again, right?
Note: Sequel to My Obligation (PG; 4.3k)

Poison by Goddamnhella
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~160K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru
Summary: The adventure is over; the heroes have all gone home. But one story was never told, one that began when two brothers swore their feud would never end. But the battle against Sou'unga may have changed everything.
Note: There’s a 1.8K sequel here: Three Words

Speed Dating for Dummies by Reinamy's Cloud
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~15.5K | Complete
Pairings: Kagome/Inuyasha
Summary: One scheming mother, one reluctant daughter, and twenty hopeful men. It all adds up to a very uncomfortable evening for one Higurashi Kagome. AU.

Tales From the House on the Moon by Resmiranda
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~326K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru
Summary: Kagome, now in college, discovers the tale of Sesshomaru and Rin. Grief can be a prison, but the bonds of love are not easily broken. What is the truth behind fairytales?

Tease by Resmiranda
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~16.6K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru, unrequited Kagome/Inuyasha
Summary: Deception. Desire. Great hair care. PWP.

The Once and Future Taiyoukai by RosieB
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~189K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru; Midoriko, Inuyasha, Kikyo
Summary: The well was supposed to be stable. It was supposed to send her to Inuyasha. And it failed. Now, Kagome's even farther into the past and she must depend on a young Sesshoumaru, who has no idea of what their shared future holds. But neither does Kagome.

The Nightingale by RosieB
Rating/Length/Status: PG | ~25K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru, Kikyo/Inuyasha
Summary: How a powerful demon and a human girl that he buys for her golden voice come to save each other.

Unexpected by Forthrigh
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~108K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Inuyasha; Shippo, OCs
Summary: AU. Kagome is the principal of an elementary school. Inuyasha is a janitor. A story told in bits and pieces.
Note: Last Updated Feb.24.2012

Unsought by Forthright
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~106K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Miroku; Inuyasha, Sango, Shippo, Sesshomaru, Higurashi Family, OCs
Summary: Naraku is dead. The Jewel is complete. The quest is over. Everyone is ready for their long awaited 'happily ever after', but Fate has one last twist in store. Sometimes the ending you find is not the one you were looking for.

Unspoiled by Forthright
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~167K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Sesshomaru; Inuyasha, Shippo, OCs
Summary: Something goes awry during a trip through the Well, and Kagome is stranded in the distant past where she encounters a familiar face. When a very young Sesshoumaru decides to keep her, the consequences ripple through time.


The Talk by Mizu-Tenshi
Rating/Length/Status: PG | ~1.8K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Usami/Masaki, Takairo
Summary: Usami finally decides to tell Takahiro about his relationship with Misaki...and that he's been screwing Takahiro's precious little brother for a very long time.


Fishbird by Jikage
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~16.8K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna/Hibari
Summary: If a bird and a fish fell in love, where would they live? Who keeps his fins and who loses his wings?

Game of Life by Exocara
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~51K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: All27; Tsuna, Guardians, others
Summary: From the moment he had woken up to see names and levels floating over people's heads, Sawada Tsunayoshi knew that something was really, really wrong. Drabble series, crackish, mild All27.
Note: Updated March.30.2015

Game Over and Over Again by Writing_frenzy
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~72K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna, OC, Reborn, Guardians
Summary: Doing something over and over again can wear anyone down. Gamer!Tsuna
Note: Last updated March.4.2015

It's Love by Imitation Angel
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~5.7K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna/Hibari; Reborn
Summary: "Please send in the report by tomorrow, as by proper conduct," she continued as she turned on her heel. Siberia. Hah. The freezing temperatures there suited his ice-cold heart. Fem!Tsuna.
Note: 1827

Make My Whole World Just Explode by Zeraphie
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~284K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna/Giotto
Summary: AU. Bullies? Check. Mother who was getting remarried? Check. Older brother who hated his guts? ...check. Tsuna had to move in with a half-brother he hasn't seen in eleven years. But Giotto breaking his heart should be the least of his worries.
Note: Warning: contains half-cest. | Last updated July.30.2012

More Than No Good by KuraiArcoiris
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~293K | WIP
Characters: Tsuna, OC, Hon, Reborn, Tsuyoshi, Hana, Nana, Guardians, etc.
Summary: Reborn had never disagreed with any of the ninth's decisions, but when the Vongola boss sent him to Japan to train Sawada Tamaki, the hitman started to think that the ninth had chosen the wrong twin…
Note: Updated Dec.25.2014

More Than Oneshot by KuraiArcoiris
Rating/Length/Status: PG | 12K | Complete
Pairings: Tsuna/Hibari
Summary: Reborn wants Tsuna to expand her family and forces her to consider a certain dangerous prefect. She doesn't want to, but Tsuna can't disagree too much with a gun pointed at her head. Fem!Tsuna.

Not A Big Deal by Unsovereign
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~7.6K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna, Guardians, Reborn
Summary: (Also known as: 7 times Tsuna hid his eating disorder from his guardians, but the 1 time Tsuna got caught.) / Alternatively, in which Tsuna has a really big problem but refuses to accept it.

Phantom Thief Decimo by Kyogre
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~125K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna, Gokudera, Reborn, others
Summary: Phantom Thief Tsuna is hired to steal the Vongola Rings. No one expects the Sky Ring to mark him as a candidate for Decimo. No one is happy about it either. Semi-AU Varia arc, Gen.

Sacrifice by Cywscross
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~26K | Discontinued
Characters: Tsuna, Reborn, others
Summary: Sometimes, Tsuna imagines Reborn finding out, and he wonders whether or not his tutor-turned-advisor will ever forgive him for it. He doesn't regret doing it, and he'd do the same thing again a hundred times over if need be, but still – Reborn's never been the forgiving type. But of course, as all secrets do, his eventually comes to light, and Tsuna doesn't have to imagine anymore.
Note: Last updated Oct.31.2013

Saluta Morte de Parte Mia by Shizuke
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~34 | Discontinued
Pairings: Tsuna/Guardians, Reborn/Lambo
Summary: No-Good Tsuna was useless at everything. He got poor grades, barely had any friends, and generally was a loser. But what if No-Good Tsuna was only pretending?
Note: Updated May.12.2011

The Mafia Wants You! by SwordsMagician
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~74K | Discontinued
Characters: Tsuna, Reborn, Gokudera, others
Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi was unassuming. Resourceful. Surprisingly adaptive. And his hyper-intuition hasn't been wrong yet. Regardless, he didn't need that indication of doom to know that Reborn was the harbinger of utter chaos.
Note: Updated Nov.29.2011

To That Faraway Sky by Cywscross
Rating/Length/Status: X | ~46K | Discontinued
Characters: Tsuna, Hibari, OCs, others
Summary: Tsuna's never liked attention so it's only natural for Ienari to stand out more. But being himself means a mom and a brother who don't care about him, and Tsuna doesn't have enough tolerance to overlook it for long. He won't change who he is just to make them like him so he leaves. Three years later, Reborn arrives to train Nari, only to discover that there's one Sawada missing.
Note: Last updated May.30.2013

Troublesome Discoveries by Searching.For.Enadi
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~37K | WIP
Characters: Tsuna, Hibari, OC
Summary: At age twenty-six, Sawada Tsunayoshi dies without regret, leaving his place as Vongola's leader to another. In another world, Sawada Tsunayoshi wakes up once more: alive, de-aged to ten, with a younger twin brother, and...female? What? AU, dimension-travel, genderswap.
Note: Updated Sept.6.2014

Vigilante Tendency by Kyogre
Rating/Length/Status: PG | ~24K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Tsuna, Guardians, others
Summary: There's such a thing as being too much like the 1st generation. Tsuna didn't mean to start a vigilante group, but somehow it happened anyway. Well done, "Neo Primo," well done. Semi-AU.

We Follow Our Own Steps by Dandelion-san
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~36K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Pre-Tsuna/Reborn; Hibari, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Giotto
Summary: AU. Tsuna's not sure why Reborn is sticking with him, but it's not so bad in the end. Giotto just really wants his brother back before anyone finds out he broke a couple (important) interdimensional laws. Meanwhile, something is amiss in Hell... (AKA: in which Tsuna is an undemonic demon and Reborn the very demonic angel)
Note: Updated Aug.20.2014

Winged Ignorance by ShamelessDilettante
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~11K | Complete
Pairings: Tsuna/Reborn
Summary: They started off as raised bumps on his back and they kind of just. Grew. Tsuna needs better ways to describe what he was going through. He also needs Reborn, because the hitman was the only one keeping him grounded enough to not fly away.
Note: Sequel: Winged Sapience" (PG-13, 10K, R27)


Can now be found here.


Fourteen by Threesmallcrows
Rating/Length/Status: G | ~5.6K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Yato/Yukine; Hiyori
Summary: It happens again. A bright shot of agony, arcing down your back. It’s worse this time, stronger. You gasp. Your skin glows with pain. A quick check on Yukine’s mind reveals he’s far from asleep. No, he’s awake, all right, and thinking of—oh, no. No, no, no. In other words, Yato begins to suspect Yukine is in lust with him. This is both painful and problematic.

Solstice by Threesmallcrows
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~14K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Hiyori/Yato; Yukine
Summary: There’s a kid in the bathroom stall. He’s curled on the floor, asleep or passed out with his forehead pressed against the toilet’s base. In which Yukine is a runaway, Yato’s homeless, Hiyori works at the local shelter, and it’s the winter of the deepest freeze Tokyo’s seen in thirty years. Human!AU


In The Palm Of Your Hand (Trust) by Witchiam
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~2.6K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Abe/Mihashi
Summary: Mihashi whirls around, terror on his face, and Takaya thinks, "Oh."


Heiress by Artemisgirl
Fandoms: Ouran High School Host Club & Inuyasha
Rating/Length/Status: R | ~86K | WIP
Pairings/Characters: Kagome/Kyoya; Sesshoumaru, Nekozawa, Haruhi
Summary: New student Kagome Higurashi makes (or is it blackmails?) her way into the Host Club, becoming the club's first ever (public) female host! She's beautiful, Kyoya acknowledges, but it's the mystery of her unseen guardian and her aversion to being touched, however, that fascinate Kyoya, as he finds himself being drawn to her more and more...
Note: Last updated Jan.9.2015

Monochrome by Ninja Shen
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~65K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Haruhi/Nekozawa
Summary: No evil is pure black, and no good is pure white.
Note: Last Updated June.5.2012

Old Tangles, New Knots by Magician April Aries
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~49K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Kaoru/Kyoya; Hikaru, Tamaki, Haruhi
Summary: Kaoru looked up into his dark eyes and smiled. “Okay,” he said, letting his head rest against the Shadow King’s shoulder.
Note: Author has written several oneshots set in the OTNK universe.


Focus by Sweedy-Sama
Rating/Length/Status: NC-17 | ~189K | Discontinued
Pairings/Characters: Echizen/Tezuka
Summary: Ryoma is distracted by Tezuka and that's how it all begins.
Note: Last updated March.15.2009

The Probability of Dating by Sinnatious
Rating/Length/Status: PG-13 | ~21.9K | Complete
Pairings/Characters: Inui/Ryoma; Kaidoh, Fuji
Summary: Inui calculates that there is only a 0.02% chance that Echizen Ryoma would be willing to date him. Fortunately, that data can be changed.